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If you are seeking legal representation or consultation with an attorney the following directory contains information regarding attorneys and/or law firms specializing in a particular area of practice. The attorneys are members of the Saratoga County Bar Association who have identified the areas of their specialties and pay a nominal annual fee for the listing. The firms or attorneys listed under any category have been listed in alphabetical order.

The areas of practice directory is provided as a service to the listing attorneys and potential clients. The Saratoga County Bar Association does not have an attorney/ client relationship with those who use this service. No legal work is done by the Saratoga County Bar Association for clients who use this service nor does the Saratoga County Bar Association make any warranties regarding work performed by any attorney or firm listed.

Areas of Practice Directory

Administrative Law

Animal Rights

Civil Rights

Consumer Protection


Environmental Law

General Practice


Health Law


Labor Law

Malpractice - Legal

Malpractice - Medical

Military Law

Municipal Law

Name Change

Patent Law

Product Liability



Title Insurance

Trial Practice - Civil

Trial Practice - Criminal

Unemployment Law

Veteran's Rights


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