If you have an interest in joining a committee or offering to assist with its efforts please contact the committee chair. Appointments to committees are made by the President of the Saratoga County Bar Association. The President and the Board welcome any suggestions for new committees to serve our members and the community’s needs.

Appointments & Nominations Committee

  • Hon. James A. Murphy, III, Chair (451-8815)

By-Laws Committee

  • Hon. Paul Pelagalli, Chair (451-8888)

Continuing Legal Education Committee

  • Hon. Francine Vero, Chair (451-8788)

Finance and Audit Committee

  • Elena Jaffe Tastensen, Chair (587-4419)

Grievance Committee

  • John J. Carusone, Jr., Chair (584-3240)

Judiciary Committee

  • Stephen Dorsey, Chair (885-4770)

Law Day Committee

  • Nancy Montagnino, Chair (549-6330)

Lawyer’s Assistance Committee

  • Libby Coreno, Chair (587-8112)

Membership Committee

  • Matthew L. Chivers, Chair (238-4383)

Mock Trial Committee

  • Shawn Lescault, Chair (885-2263)

Programs/Special Events Committee

  • Elena Jaffe Tastensen, Chair (587-4419)

Recognition & Memorial Committee

  • Karen A. Heggen, Co-Chair (885-2263)
  • Joseph C. Berger, Co-Chair (423-0847)

Scholarship Committee

  • Matthew Coseo, Chair (451-8827)

Veterans Legal Services

  • Joseph Berger, Chair (423-0847)

Website and Social Media

  • Scott Peterson, Chair (308-8339)

Young Lawyers Committee

  • Stuart Kaufman, Co-Chair (917-312-0624)

Legal History Project

  • Gordon Eddy (894-8401)



  • President Elena Jaffe Tastensen
  • Vice President Christopher Mills
  • Treasurer Scott M. Peterson
  • Secretary Stuart Kaufman
  • Immediate Past President Nancy Sciocchetti


Board of Directors


  • John R. Canney, IV
  • Matthew L. Chivers*
  • Hon. Matthew R. Coseo*
  • Hon. James S. Cox*
  • Stephen M. Dorsey*
  • Gordon W. Eddy
  • Stephanie W. Ferradino*
  • Karen A. Heggen*
  • Scott W. Iseman
  • Stuart Kaufman
  • Kyle N. Kordich*
  • Michelle M. Kulak






Board of Directors


  • Shawn M. Lescault
  • Christopher Mills
  • Kathleen A. Nielson
  • Hon. Thomas D. Nolan, Jr.
  • Hon. Paul Pelagalli*
  • Scott M. Peterson
  • Tara Pleat
  • Nancy Sciocchetti*
  • Karl J. Sleight*
  • Bruce D. Steves
  • Elena Jaffe Tastensen
  • Hon. Francine Vero

*Past President of the Bar



State Bar Delegates


  • Elena Jaffe Tastensen
  • Scott M. Peterson
  • Nancy Montagnino (Alt.)

*Past President of the Bar


Executive Coordinator

Patricia L. Clute P.O. Box 994 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Telephone/Fax: 518-280-1974