About Us

The Saratoga County Bar Association, which presently has about 300 members, was founded in 1911. The Association was formed to cultivate the art of jurisprudence, to promote advancement in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice, to promote the highest standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, and to encourage a spirit of fellowship among its members. The fellowship among our membership and desire to serve our community are the hallmarks of our Association. more about us



    • President Scott M. Peterson
    • Vice President Stuart Kaufman
    • Treasurer Shawn M. Lescault
    • Secretary Hon. Francine Vero
    • Immediate Past President Christopher Mills


    Board of Directors


    • John B. Cannie
    • Matthew L. Chivers*
    • Hon. Matthew R. Coseo*
    • Hon. James S. Cox*
    • Gordon W. Eddy
    • Stephanie W. Ferradino*
    • Karen A. Heggen*
    • Scott W. Iseman
    • Stuart Kaufman
    • Kyle N. Kordich*
    • Michelle M. Kulak






    Board of Directors


    • Shawn M. Lescault
    • Christopher Mills*
    • Anthony Morelli
    • Kathleen A. Nielson
    • Kyran D. Nigro
    • Scott M. Peterson
    • Tara Pleat
    • Nancy Sciocchetti*
    • Karl J. Sleight*
    • Bruce D. Steves
    • Elena Jaffe Tastensen*
    • Hon. Francine Vero

    *Past President of the Bar



    State Bar Delegates


    • Nancy Montagnino
    • Kathleen A. Nielson
    • Michelle M. Kulak (Alt.)

    *Past President of the Bar


    Executive Coordinator

    Patricia L. Clute P.O. Box 994 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Telephone/Fax: 518-280-1974 pclute@saratogacountybar.org