About Us

The Saratoga County Bar Association, which presently has about 300 members, was founded in 1911. The Association was formed to cultivate the art of jurisprudence, to promote advancement in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice, to promote the highest standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, and to encourage a spirit of fellowship among its members. The fellowship among our membership and desire to serve our community are the hallmarks of our Association.

Many of our members are active in our communities as public servants, or volunteers in many different capacities. The Association devotes considerable time and effort to service of our community sponsoring a moot court competition for high school students, providing pro bono legal services to eligible Saratoga County residents, a fee dispute resolution program and annual law week programs and forums and providing scholarships to law students. As our beautiful and vibrant county continues to grow the Association seeks new ways to serve by continuing to increase our presence and assistance to the people of Saratoga County.

Our History

Saratoga County was formed on February 7, 1791 . The County is comprised of nineteen towns, two cities and nine villages. The Adirondack Mountains, Hudson, Mohawk, Kayaderosseras and Sacandaga Rivers and various lakes and streams make our County a beautiful and varied place to live. The County’s place in the birth of our nation is a prominent one. Likewise it has a special place in the history of the profession of law in America.

On August 21, 1878, seventy-five district attorneys, judges and law teachers from twenty five states and the District of Columbia gathered in the Saratoga Springs City Hall to consider the future practice of law and formed the American Bar Association. The Association was dedicated to the promotion of integrity and professionalism and the advancement of legal education.

The Saratoga County Bar Association filed its certificate of incorporation with the Secretary of Sate on March 7, 1911. The Association has been graced with many men and women of distinction since its inception. We are currently in the process of collecting information about the early association and its members. If you can help us with this effort and have any information or resources to share please contact Ann Crowell at acrowell@nycap.rr.com or at (518) 581-1006.



  • President Hon. Francine Vero
  • Vice President Scott W. Iseman
  • Treasurer Gordon W. Eddy
  • Secretary Anthony Morelli
  • Immediate Past President Shawn M. Lescault​


Board of Directors


  • Michael Billok
  • John B. Cannie
  • Matthew L. Chivers*
  • Gordon W. Eddy
  • Stephanie W. Ferradino*
  • Justin M. Grassi
  • Karen A. Heggen*
  • Meghan A. Horton
  • Scott W. Iseman
  • Stuart Kaufman*
  • Kyle N. Kordich*
  • Michelle M. Kulak






Board of Directors


  • Shawn M. Lescault*
  • Christopher Mills*
  • Anthony Morelli
  • Kathleen A. Nielson
  • Kyran D. Nigro
  • Scott M. Peterson*
  • Karl J. Sleight*
  • Bruce D. Steves
  • Ann Flower E. Stitt
  • Elena Jaffe Tastensen*
  • Hon. Francine Vero

*Past President of the Bar



State Bar Delegates


  • Nancy Montagnino
  • Kathleen A. Nielson
  • Michelle M. Kulak (Alt.)

*Past President of the Bar


Executive Coordinator

Patricia L. Clute P.O. Box 994 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Telephone/Fax: 518-280-1974 pclute@saratogacountybar.org