Pro Bono Legal Services for Veterans in Saratoga County

Saratoga County Bar Association is part of a growing network of lawyers, law schools and bar associations that help aid the growing number of United States Military active-duty service members, reservists and veterans who need legal advice. We are here to provide pro bono legal consultations to veterans and their families. All attorneys work as volunteers and will advise and provide veterans with free legal consultations in a wide variety of legal areas.

We provide legal consultations for active duty and veterans in Saratoga County in the following areas:

  • Drafting Wills, Health Care Proxies, and Powers of Attorney
  • Employment Law for Veterans, reservists and active-duty service members
  • Obtaining VA benefits
  • Discharge Upgrades
  • Military Law
  • Military Documentation Questions
  • Family Law and custody matters
  • Matrimonial Law matters
  • Tax Law issues
  • Filing For Bankruptcy
  • If you have a legal issue that is not identified above or you are not sure of the nature of your legal issue, please contact us at and we will do our best to find you a consultation with knowledgeable attorney

Saratoga County Bar Association Helps Veterans

If you are a veteran, reservist of active duty servicemember living in Saratoga County and need legal advice, please make an appointment by emailing and requesting a consultation. Our staff will look over your eligibility and work to find you a volunteer attorney who can help. Thank you for your service!