President’s Message

The Saratoga County Bar Association was formed in 1911. William Howard Taft was President. The Titanic had not yet met its fate and World War I was still three years away. The practice of law was also much different in those days. One thing that has not changed is that we recognize the importance of coming together to meet colleagues in a non-adversarial setting. This year the Officers of the SCBA, Vice President, Nancy Sciocchetti, Treasurer, Elena Jaffe Tastensen, Secretary, Christopher Mills and myself, are putting together a program of events which we believe will be appealing to all of our members.

SCBA also is dedicated to keeping our members informed about the latest changes in the law. Our committees are constantly working to get information out to our members in a timely manner. Our Mock Trial Committee works with area High Schools in an annual competition which allows students to argue cases before actual Judges and experienced attorneys. Our Lawyers Assistance Committee reaches out to aid attorneys in need of help because of challenges in their lives. Our Veterans Legal Services Committee aids veterans with reduced cost or pro bono legal services. The SCBA Recognition and Memorial Committee coordinates an annual tribute to our departed colleagues. Our Law Day Committee plans and coordinates our annual Law Day Luncheon where dozens of High School students who participated in the Mock Trial competition are honored. I have only mentioned five of our active committees. We encourage all members to join one of our committees.

This year the focus of the Officers and Board of Directors will be to provide all attorneys in Saratoga County with the answer to this question. Why should I become a member of SCBA? You should become a member because we do a lot of good work in our community. You should become a member because you will meet and get to know a lot of interesting attorneys and judges. You should become a member because we are going to institute a significant discount for members attending our dinners and events. You should become a member because you will be able to access extra information on our new Web site, which will be going active this summer. Finally, you should become a member because it is fun.


Joseph C. Berger, Esq.
President, Saratoga County Bar Association

About Us

The Saratoga County Bar Association, which presently has about 300 members, was founded in 1911. The Association was formed to cultivate the art of jurisprudence, to promote advancement in the law, to facilitate the administration of justice, to promote the highest standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, and to encourage a spirit of fellowship among its members. The fellowship among our membership and desire to serve our community are the hallmarks of our Association. more about us


    • President Nancy Sciocchetti
    • Vice President Elena Jaffe Tastensen
    • Treasurer Christopher Mills
    • Secretary Scott M. Peterson
    • Immediate Past President Joseph C. Berger

    Board of Directors

    • Joseph C. Berger*
    • John R. Canney, IV
    • Matthew L. Chivers*
    • M. Elizabeth Coreno*
    • Matthew R. Coseo*
    • James S. Cox*
    • Stephen M. Dorsey*
    • Gordon W. Eddy
    • Stephanie W. Ferradino*
    • Karen A. Heggen*

    Board of Directors

    • Stuart Kaufman
    • Kyle N. Kordich*
    • Michelle M. Kulak
    • Christopher Mills
    • Kathleen A. Nielson
    • Hon. Thomas D. Nolan, Jr.
    • Hon. Paul Pelagalli*
    • Scott M. Peterson
    • Tara Pleat
    • Nancy Sciocchetti
    • Karl J. Sleight*
    • Bruce D. Steves
    • Elena Jaffe Tastensen
    • Hon. Francine Vero

    *Past President of the Bar

    State Bar Delegates

    • James S. Cox*
    • Nancy Sciocchetti
    • Scott M. Peterson (Alt.)

    *Past President of the Bar

    Executive Coordinator

    Patricia L. Clute P.O. Box 994 Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 Telephone/Fax: 518-280-1974